Death Knock

Series 26 - Episode 28 Death Knock



Kirsty calls for help when a woman is found unconscious and with multiple injuries beneath an open window. Callum eventually responds, having just learned of his father's death, but as the investigation slowly uncovers the activities and relationships of the residents of the house, the sergeant's distracted behaviour leads to a furious outburst against his colleague witnessed by Inspector Smith.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Callum Stone Sam Callis
PC Kirsty Knight Sarah Manners
PC Nate Roberts Ben Richards
Insp Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
Zoe Richards Leila Mimmack
Dylan Prest William Ellis
Martin Richards Alastair Galbraith
Selina Morris Reanne Opia
Denise Jones Sharon D Clarke
PC Leon Taylor Dominic Power
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
PC Benjamin Gayle Micah Balfour
DS Max Carter Christopher Fox
Sgt Jo Masters Sally Rogers
John Nelson Roderic Culver
Mrs Nelson Rebecca Deren
Director Gary Love
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Writer Tom Needham
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