Without Dignity, Without Respect

Series 21 - Episode 102 Without Dignity, Without Respect



Amber's bad attitude and generally poor performance put her on the wrong side of Gina, who tells the flighty young PC she wants her out of the force. But Amber challenges her inspector, claiming she knows her rights and has the law on her side. Smithy is surprised to receive a call from ex-lover and gangster's wife Louise Larson, and says he wants nothing to do with her. But when he discovers she is testifying against her husband and going into witness protection, he is given plenty of food for thought. Jo is amused by Suzie's `by-the-book' approach to her sergeant exams and Tony considers moonlighting as a cabbie to help raise money for his father.

Cast & Crew

DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
Sgt Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
PC Leela Kapoor Seema Bowri
DC Suzie Sim Wendy Kweh
Edward Stanton Guy Lankester
Aftab Bashar Amit Arroz
Lisa Keller Kate Miles
Brian Alderton Fergus O'Donnell
Massoud Brahini Jack Raymond
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis
PC Yvonne Hemmingway Michele Austin
PC Amber Johannsen Myfanwy Waring
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
Louise Larson Rosie Marcel
Steve Ellis Sara West
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
Director Diana Patrick
Producer Tim Key
Writer Damian Wayling
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