Shut the Door. Have a Seat

Series 3 - Episode 13 Shut the Door. Have a Seat



Betty finalises her plans for the divorce, while an inadvertent tip-off from Conrad Hilton has Don, Roger and Bert racking their brains for a way to save Sterling Cooper from being sold to their biggest rivals. The trio are also surprised to realise the key to their survival could be an increasingly dissatisfied Lane Pryce. Drama, starring Jon Hamm, January Jones, John Slattery, Robert Morse and Jared Harris.

Cast & Crew

Don Draper Jon Hamm
Betty Draper January Jones
Roger Sterling John Slattery
Bertram Cooper Robert Morse
Lane Pryce Jared Harris
Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser
Peggy Olson Elisabeth Moss
Joan Harris Christina Hendricks
Harry Crane Rich Sommer
Sally Draper Kiernan Shipka
Robert `Bobby' Draper Jared Gilmore
Henry Francis Christopher Stanley
Trudy Campbell Alison Brie
Archie Whitman Joseph Culp
Abigail Whitman Brynn Horrocks
Young Dick Whitman Brandon Killham
Conrad Hilton Chelcie Ross
Paul Kinsey Michael Gladis
Ken Cosgrove Aaron Staton
St John Powell Charles Shaughnessy
Director Matthew Weiner
Writer Matthew Weiner
Writer Erin Levy
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