Series 1 - Episode 2



Detective Chief Inspector Cassie Stuart doesn't make a fuss, but it's clear she will do her utmost to find justice for poor, doomed, forgotten Jimmy, whose skeleton was pulled from its makeshift concrete tomb in the opening episode of this gripping thriller.

Unlike other television detectives, Cassie (mighty Nicola Walker) doesn't let us See Her Pain because both Unforgotten and Walker are much too subtle for that. Walker is so skilful and understated we know exactly what's going on in her mind and just how empathetic she is when she interviews Jimmy's mother (a heartbreaking turn from Frances Tomelty).

Chris Lang's fascinating script is slowly knitting together the stories of an awful lot of people who are suddenly feeling frightened, panicked or, at the very least, wary. It's clear that each of them has something to hide, and though Jimmy was murdered nearly 40 years ago, memories are still raw.


Having identified the body in the cellar as Jimmy Sullivan, Cassie visits the victim's mother, who is relieved that she might finally find out what happened to her son 39 years after he went missing. The detectives focus their investigation on the names in Jimmy's diary, who are revealed to be a government advisor, a priest, a retired bookkeeper and a housewife with a secret past. What part, if any, could these four wildly different people have played in Jimmy's disappearance and demise? Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar star in the crime drama, with Tom Courtenay, Trevor Eve, Bernard Hill and Ruth Sheen.

Cast & Crew

DCI Cassie Stuart Nicola Walker
DS Sunil `Sunny' Khan Sanjeev Bhaskar
Eric Slater Tom Courtenay
Sir Phillip Cross Trevor Eve
Father Robert Greaves Bernard Hill
Lizzie Wilton Ruth Sheen
Claire Slater Gemma Jones
Grace Greaves Hannah Gordon
Ray Wilton Brian Bovell
Maureen Sullivan Frances Tomelty
Martin Peter Egan
Les Slater Dominic Power
Josh Cross Tom Austen
Curtis Ade Oyefeso
Brandon Valentine Olukoga
Sheila Tessa Peake-Jones
Liam Gough Matthew Cottle
Geoff David Troughton
DC Jake Collier Lewis Reeves
DS Murray Boulting Jordan Long
DC Karen Willetts Pippa Nixon
Marcus Archer Silas Carson
Brian Kendrick John Salthouse
Colin Leeming Neal Barry
Jessica Leeming June Watson
Jimmy Sullivan Harley Sylvester
Director Andy Wilson
Executive Producer Chris Lang
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Chris Lang
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