Series 22 - Episode 49 Karma



Terry and Mickey investigate an armed robbery on a shop, and Matt Hinckley's arrival as CPS lawyer at Sun Hill prompts further heart-searching for Emma and Will. John Heaton zealously pursues his zero tolerance policy, while a hung-over Dale discovers Kezia doesn't remember their kiss from the night before. Angela Lonsdale guest stars.

Cast & Crew

DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
Supt John Heaton Daniel Flynn
Matt Hinckley Mark Dexter
PC Emma Keane Melanie Gutteridge
PC Lewis Hardy Aml Ameen
Shaun Perkins Thomas Knight
Helen Coles Angela Lonsdale
Sgt Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
DC Kezia Walker Cat Simmons
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao
Eric Ingram Jack Chissick
Karen Ingram Catherine Bailey
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
PC Reg Hollis Jeff Stewart
PC Leela Kapoor Seema Bowri
Jez Wilkes Scott Mean
Liza Finch Faye Wareing
PC Yvonne Hemmingway Michele Austin
PC Honey Harman Kim Tiddy
Louise Westcott Pamela Miles
Ray Collins Steve North
Director Alan Macmillan
Producer Sylvie Boden
Writer Matt Leys
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