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Lottery Curse

Series 12 - Episode 8 Lottery Curse

Wednesday 8pm - 8:55pm BBC Entertainment
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Thu 3 Dec, 12:15am - 1:10am BBC Entertainment
Tue 8 Dec, 10:10pm - 11:05pm BBC Entertainment
Wed 9 Dec, 2:15am - 3:10am BBC Entertainment


It seems that winning the lottery isn’t necessarily the answer to your dreams. Cheryl disappeared shortly after her syndicate won a small fortune. Years later the remains of her body are suddenly found buried under what was going to be a swimming pool at the house she shared with her husband. He’s subsequently fallen on hard times, but as none of the other winners are especially happy either, it begs the question: who killed her?

Other than a mildly amusing attempt by the old detectives to set Sasha up with an attractive forensic botanist, this episode thankfully concentrates on the case in hand.


A skeleton uncovered in the foundations of a swimming pool is identified as a young lottery winner named Cheryl, who was reported missing 17 years ago. The prime suspects are her fellow quiz team-mates, who won their lucky windfall as part of a syndicate, and while some have put their money to good use, the victim's boyfriend has fallen on hard times and the media remain convinced he is the key to her murder. As allegations of affairs, fights and betrayal begin to surface, the team is left to ponder whether money really is the root of all evil.

Cast & Crew

Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
Danny Griffin Nicholas Lyndhurst
Sasha Miller Tamzin Outhwaite
Ted Case Larry Lamb
Terry Jack Deam
Fiona Kennedy Tracy-Ann Oberman
Craig Bentham Derek Riddell
Eleanor Amanda Root
Lizzie Bentham Adie Allen
Gareth Clarke Henry Garrett
Adam Glen Wallace
Cheryl Lucy Thackeray
Director Sarah O'Gorman
Executive Producer Myar Craig-Brown
Producer Huw Kennair-Jones
Writer Paul Farrell
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