Full Throttle

Series 25 - Episode 32 Full Throttle



Part one of two. A have-a-go hero is hurt during a raid on a jewellers and promptly disappears from hospital. Investigations reveal he is wanted for a murder committed four years previously. Max and Stevie talk to his sister and father, who insist he was innocent and that they have not seen him since he went on the run.

Cast & Crew

DC Stevie Moss Lucy Speed
DS Max Carter Christopher Fox
TDC Will Fletcher Gary Lucy
DC Grace Dasari Amita Dhiri
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
Rebecca Reed Emma Stansfield
Adrian Butler Cian Barry
Henry Reed Struan Rodger
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
PC Sally Armstrong Ali Bastian
Andrew Wesley Dean Ashton
DC Kezia Walker Cat Simmons
Barry Usher Tom Reynolds
Thomas Lovell Malcolm Rennie
Director Olivia Lichtenstein
Producer Andrea Sapsford
Writer Sarah-Louise Hawkins
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