Absolute Power

Series 25 - Episode 48 Absolute Power



Stevie questions a man arrested for launching an unprovoked attack on a fellow drinker in a pub and becomes emotionally involved when she discovers the suspect is deeply depressed after losing his job and learning his wife has been having an affair with her boss. Newly promoted Inspector Smith urges caution, but Stevie puts herself in danger after the downtrodden husband sets out for revenge - carrying a gun. Danielle Brent guest stars.

Cast & Crew

DS Stevie Moss Lucy Speed
Insp Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel
Joel Fuller Nicholas Aaron
DC Jo Masters Sally Rogers
Lucy Fuller Danielle Brent
PC Leon Taylor Dominic Power
PC Nate Roberts Ben Richards
Matt Burrows Jon Foster
Alex Burrows Drew Blackall
Layla Madeley Rebecca Calder
Stephanie Lewis Anna Skellern
PC Benjamin Gayle Micah Balfour
Sgt Callum Stone Sam Callis
PC Roger Valentine John Bowler
Karl Coveney Andy J Smart
Director Richard Signy
Producer James Hall
Writer Chris Murray
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