Precious Pearls

Series 3 - Episode 14 Precious Pearls



Join Gem's daring Swashbucklers as they attempt to win back her jewels from the naughty pirates Cook, Line and Captain Sinker, in this hilarious and fast-paced physical gameshow. Today's Swashbucklers; Aisha, Holly, Kunda and Mariyam take on the Cocounutty Raft and Bouncy Sails in pursuit of Gem's jewels. Captain Sinker has found a precious pearl in a stinky oyster so Cook and Line think there must be precious things in anything that's smelly!

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gemma Hunt
Ella Kenion
Richard David-Caine
Joseph Elliott
Conor McNamara
Executive Producer Vanessa Amberleigh
Series Producer Jon Hancock
Writer Luk Ying Yik
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