The Cube: Celebrity Special: Rob Beckett and Rufus Hound

The Cube: Celebrity Special: Rob Beckett and Rufus Hound

Series 9



“That’s The Cube, man. That’s what this is. That’s what it means to play this. If you don’t like the adrenaline, stay at home.” Rufus Hound is a funny man but is almost entirely not joking as he muses on the physiology and psychology of the task facing him: rolling a tiny ball along a rail.

Hound’s confidence is of the kind that you know will end in him being broken and humiliated by the mighty Cube. The question is whether he sees it coming and takes the money. Up next is stand-up comic Rob Beckett, who brings a different kind of knowledge. While Hound tries to draw on his experience of basketball and golf, Beckett and his supporters have watched more of The Cube.


Phillip Schofield invites comedians Rob Beckett and Rufus Hound to take part in a charity edition of the nerve-racking game show. Both are challenged to complete up to seven seemingly simple tasks of skill, dexterity, reaction, wit and wisdom within the confines of a large transparent cube. But each celebrity has only nine lives - and with each one they lose, the pressure mounts to win the jackpot of £250,000 for their chosen causes. Phillip Schofield is on hand to provide words of encouragement.

Cast & Crew

Host Phillip Schofield
Contestant Rob Beckett
Contestant Rufus Hound
Executive Producer Nathan Eastwood
Executive Producer Adam Adler
Producer Jason Hopkins
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