Series 15 - Episode 38 Borderline



Sun Hill newcomer PC Rickman loses a gun on her way to the lab, indirectly plunging Brownlow into a feud with his Barton Street counterpart Guy Mannion, who takes charge of the search for the missing firearm. Suzanne Maddock stars as the unfortunate rookie, with Peter Ellis.

Cast & Crew

PC Cass Rickman Suzanne Maddock
Chief Sup Charles Brownlow Peter Ellis
Chief Supt Guy Mannion Nick Miles
DS Don Beech Billy Murray
Leroy Jones Richard Mylan
Warren Rufus Nigel Clauzel
Fabien Merrick Leon Black
Wayne Endean Frank Boyce
Cliff Andrews Jack Pierce
Paul Hillman Ken Bones
Lenny Kaufmann Philip Brook
Director Christopher Hodson
Writer Stephen Plaice
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