Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth

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Mountains of the Deep

Series 1 - Episode 2 Mountains of the Deep



Like all the best natural history series, there are moments here when you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing and hearing. For instance, we visit deep hydrothermal vents in the South Atlantic, which are crowded with bizarre white crabs; Cillian Murphy tells us on the voiceover that they’re known as “Hoff” crabs because, genuinely, they have hairy chests like David Hasselhoff. They feed on bacteria in their chest wigs, apparently.

It’s one of many odd, spellbinding scenes. We’ve seen before shots of spinner dolphins doing their crazy corkscrew jumps out of the water (always cool), but here we also see them playing a game of underwater catch with seaweed.

It’s educational stuff: we learn about undersea mountain ranges and the food chains strung across the South Atlantic. The one involving sea lions, gentoo penguins and lobster krill was, we gather, harder to film than it looks.


Documentary examining the animals pitting themselves against the world's wildest ocean, unveiling the natural forces that underpin life in the Atlantic. In the vast South Atlantic, huge pods of dolphins, massive penguin colonies and the largest gathering of marine mammals on Earth pack chains of extraordinary islands, created by powerful volcanic forces far below them. Meanwhile, the nutrient-rich upwellings create profusions of life in some areas, and the abyssal depths host a world of bizarre creatures in others.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Cillian Murphy
Director Ted Giffords
Executive Producer Tim Martin
Executive Producer Tim Scoones
Producer Ted Giffords
Series Producer Dan Rees
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