One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 8 - Episode 3



“Our babies bring out our strength and our resilience,” says midwife Delia. Judging by the steel on show in this episode, she’s not wrong. There’s SammiJo, whose first labour took just 27 minutes. This time, though, she says, “I want it to last a couple of hours. I want to feel the pain.”

Rhiannon is having her third baby with childhood sweetheart John. Her cystic fibrosis makes her pregnancies dangerous, but she’s pragmatic about the risks, and disarmingly upbeat – even in the throes of labour.

And then there’s Kirsty and partner Ian. “I’m the boss,” says Kirsty, “but Ian knows when to jump in and lend a hand.” It’s certainly true when baby Ryan comes quicker than expected and must be caught before he hits the floor.


Rhiannon, who has cystic fibrosis, prepares to risk her life to have a third child, while an unexpected turn of events during labour means Kirsty and her partner, retired soldier Ian, must alter their birth plan. Plus, single mum SammiJo relies on her mum to help her bond with her second baby in a way she couldn't when her first child was born.

Cast & Crew

Director Sian Price
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Executive Producer Amy Joyce
Producer Sian Price
Series Producer Simon Kerfoot
Series Producer Lucy Wedlock
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