Wentworth Prison

Knives Out

Series 3 - Episode 3 Knives Out



Cindy Lou threatens a vulnerable and desperate Franky with a severe beating unless she finds a new drugs supply within 24 hours. Too proud to accept Bea's help, she tries to deal with the situation herself, but ends up damaging her parole chances. Bea tries to make amends for the way she treated Liz and Boomer, and is shocked when Will makes a startling confession after she confronts him over the police taking DNA samples from him.

Cast & Crew

Bea Smith Danielle Cormack
Franky Doyle Nicole da Silva
Joan Ferguson Pamela Rabe
Vera Bennett Kate Atkinson
Liz Birdsworth Celia Ireland
Doreen Anderson Shareena Clanton
Sue `Boomer' Jenkins Katrina Milosevic
Will Jackson Robbie Magasiva
Linda Miles Jacqueline Brennan
Maxine Conway Socratis Otto
Rose Atkins Maggie Naouri
Jodie Spiteri Pia Miranda
Bridget Westfall Libby Tanner
Cindy Lou Miles Paras
Karen Proctor Tammy MacIntosh
Jess Warner Georgia Chara
Sophie Donaldson Edwina Samuels
Lucy Gambaro Sally-Anne Upton
Detective Michael Mears Damien Richardson
Director Catherine Millar
Executive Producer Jo Porter
Series Producer Amanda Crittenden
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