Ashes to Ashes

Series 1 - Episode 4



Gene comes up against a socialist feminist group when a man's death he initially treated as suicide becomes the subject of a murder inquiry. Chris uses the arrest of every member as an opportunity to impress Shaz with his knowledge of women's issues, while Ray dates a communist. An intriguing code found by Alex and deciphered by the desk sergeant leads the team closer to the truth.

Cast & Crew

Gene Hunt Philip Glenister
Alex Drake Keeley Hawes
Ray Carling Dean Andrews
Chris Skelton Marshall Lancaster
Shaz Granger Montserrat Lombard
Caroline Price Amelia Bullmore
Evan White Stephen Campbell Moore
Sara Templeton Lydia Leonard
Harvey Dunn Michael Hadley
Luigi Joseph Long
Viv James Geff Francis
Ian Kay Paul Thornley
Mortuary assistant Simon Kassianides
Patty Lucy Briers
Erin Sarah Kants
The Clown Andrew Clover
Molly Drake Grace Vance
Young Alex Lucy Cole
Director Catherine Morshead
Producer Beth Willis
Writer Mark Greig
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