The Cube: Celebrity Special: Katherine Ryan and Fabrice Muamba

The Cube: Celebrity Special: Katherine Ryan and Fabrice Muamba

Series 9



The clammy, ticklish torture that only The Cube can provide is there immediately in this celebrity special. Can former footballer Fabrice Muamba stack a few blocks on top of each other in the supposedly easy first game? He can, almost anyone could, but under pressure, something inside him keeps inventing ways for him to fail. He’s enormously endearing, and playing for a charity that provides defibrillators of the kind that saved him when he collapsed during an FA Cup match in 2012 – so you’ll be in agony.

After him, comedian Katherine Ryan is cool and measured, observing that the restrictive cube itself is not unlike a studio flat in London, so she feels at home. Is she too confident?


Phillip Schofield invites comedian Katherine Ryan and retired footballer Fabrice Muamba to take part in a charity edition of the nerve-racking game show. Both are challenged to complete up to seven seemingly simple tasks within the confines of a large transparent cube to win a jackpot of £250,000 for their chosen causes. But each celebrity has only nine lives - and with each one they lose, the pressure mounts.

Cast & Crew

Host Phillip Schofield
Contestant Katherine Ryan
Contestant Fabrice Muamba
Executive Producer Nathan Eastwood
Executive Producer Adam Adler
Producer Jason Hopkins
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