One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 8 - Episode 2



“You look at them [as the couples come into the labour ward] and you think, ‘Gosh, what’s your story going to be?’,” says Liverpool Women’s Hospital midwife Hana, echoing exactly what we’re thinking at home.

Kevin and Emma are having their first baby. As the natural birth proceeds a dazed Kev has a new-found respect for his partner, “I couldn’t do it!” he says in awe. True. It’s Sam’s second baby but she says she was such a total wimp with her first, she’s determined to do it without drugs this time. There’s also 18-year-old Alyshea, an impressively gutsy girl, who after just 28 weeks of pregnancy gives birth to tiny Ollie.


Childhood sweethearts Alyshea and Maculay worry about the welfare of their premature baby, who was born with lung problems and susceptible to infection and has been carefully monitored at Liverpool Women's Hospital. Samantha and Paul didn't have a chance to enjoy the birth of their first baby due to a complication during delivery, but their nerves are not helped by ending up in the same room on almost the same date. Meanwhile, Kevin and Emma are looking forward to becoming parents, after being forced to postpone their wedding and exotic travels plans.

Cast & Crew

Director Claire Martin
Executive Producer Amy Joyce
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Claire Martin
Producer Simon Kerfoot
Producer Lucy Wedlock
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