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The Wolf of Wallbrook

Series 12 - Episode 4 The Wolf of Wallbrook



I love the name of the new Trickster – Ted Case. I wonder if someone is being super-literal here, applying New Tricks’s typically leaden join-the-dots handiwork. He’s an ex-copper, he investigates cases. See what they did there? Why not go the whole hog and call him Derek Inquiry, or Bob Custody Suite?

Anyway Ted (newcomer Larry Lamb) takes the lead in an investigation that isn’t a cold case at all, though it reaches back to 1989, when the Masters of the Universe in the City were making millions in Thatcher’s Britain. A trader was found dead near Tower Bridge, apparently he’d killed himself by jumping off a building after making huge losses.

But, in the most bizarre way imaginable, which stretches credulity even for New Tricks, the gang realises that in fact he was murdered.


Ted leads an investigation into the apparent suicide of a city trader who was embroiled in the cut-throat world of London's financial district in the 1980s. As the team delve deeper into the macho fraternity of `The Wolfpack', they find a darker side to the debauchery, secret hand signals and all-nighters that bonded the traders together - including a strict hierarchy that might be worth killing for. Meanwhile, Steve tries to learn some tricks of the trade, amid his own financial crisis. Detective drama, starring Larry Lamb.

Cast & Crew

Ted Case Larry Lamb
Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
Danny Griffin Nicholas Lyndhurst
DCI Sasha Miller Tamzin Outhwaite
Walt Fontaine David Schofield
Kevin `Bison' Dodds Clive Wood
Andy ‘Partridge’ Mackintosh Brett Fancy
Harry Reid Kerry Shale
Gill Kate Maravan
Cindy Rebecca Lacey
Maddie Daphne Cheung
Director Brian Grant
Executive Producer Myar Craig-Brown
Producer Huw Kennair-Jones
Writer Paul Farrell
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