Series 3 - Episode 21 Family



The brother of a young leukaemia patient is found to be a matching bone marrow donor. However, when he becomes sick before the transplant, the team races to cure him so the procedure can go ahead. House deliberately aggravates the patient's infection to help reach a diagnosis, but both boys continue to deteriorate as time runs out. Meanwhile, Foreman makes a radical decision about his future.

Cast & Crew

Dr Gregory House Hugh Laurie
Dr Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein
Dr James Wilson Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Allison Cameron Jennifer Morrison
Dr Eric Foreman Omar Epps
Dr Robert Chase Jesse Spencer
Claudia Adina Porter
Nick Jascha Washington
Scott Thomas Mikal Ford
Director David Straiton
Executive Producer Paul Attansio
Executive Producer Katie Jacobs
Executive Producer Bryan Singer
Writer Liz Friedman
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