Would I Lie to You?

Would I Lie to You?

Series 9 - Episode 4



You may have been thinking that the episodes so far this series, while very, very good by any standards, haven’t quite hit the delirious heights we know this show can. Well tonight, the stars align. The regulars and their guests turn on the comedy afterburners and let rip.

There are running gags at the expense of Rob Brydon; there are whip-fast Lee Mack ad libs; there are unlikely Rob Brydon impressions (a vibrating phone, David Mitchell on the toilet); and there is Germaine Greer going into some detail about her cannibal fantasies and the order in which she would eat the other guests.

It’s a blast, although at one stage Mitchell goes way off beam with his satirical remarks about RT photoshoots – the one above in particular. He thinks he has a better idea...


Comedian Alan Davies, quiz show guru Richard Osman, writer Germaine Greer and footballer Jermaine Jenas bolster the efforts of team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack on the panel show in which participants attempt to deceive their opponents with plausible lies. Hosted by Rob Brydon.

Cast & Crew

Host Rob Brydon
Team Captain David Mitchell
Team Captain Lee Mack
Panellist Alan Davies
Panellist Richard Osman
Panellist Germaine Greer
Panellist Jermaine Jenas
Executive Producer Rachel Ablett
Series Producer Richard Cohen
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