The Interceptor

The Interceptor

Series 1 - Episode 5



We know the pattern now. Each week the Unit pursues a new scumbag who is in some way feeding über-scumbag Roach (Trevor Eve).

In this episode it’s Scooter, a supplier of dodgy recreational pills called Sherberts. The fact that he’s played by Dexter Fletcher gives Scooter a bit of depth but there’s not a great deal of heft to the plot, which relies on low-octane police work and several generic “South Americans” for local colour.

Meanwhile, Roach isn’t at all happy with that surly henchman who does all his dirty work and Ash challenges his shouty Scottish boss over the mystery feud that keeps interfering with the Unit’s work.


The team tries to find the source of toxic pills responsible for two deaths, including a young girl, and discover a link with a criminal gang that is already under investigation. Cartwright agrees the lead is worth pursuing, but only if it will further their aims of getting higher up in the organisation. A kidnapped woman may hold the key to finding the factory where the pills are being produced and, as Roach waits to hear news of his foray into the pill business, he's unaware of the net closing around him. Crime drama, starring O-T Fagbenle, Ewan Stewart, Trevor Eve and Robert Lonsdale.

Cast & Crew

Ash O-T Fagbenle
Tommy Robert Lonsdale
Cartwright Ewan Stewart
Roach Trevor Eve
Valerie Lorraine Ashbourne
Docker Gary Beadle
Xavier Lee Boardman
Martin Charlie de Melo
Lorna Jo Joyner
Kim Anna Skellern
Gemmill Jeany Spark
Scooter Dexter Fletcher
Paulo Gonzalo Ramos
Velentina Ana-Maria Maskell
Marvin Harry Kershaw
Wesley Luke Williams
Carlos Alberto Maneiro
Gustavo Pablo Scola
Sadie Melissa Johns
Bernie Anthony Grundy
Connor Felix Scott
Sonia Valeria Vereau
Smoke Neal Barry
Ralph David Troughton
Hannah India Ria Amerteifio
Sergeant Jennifer Daley
Priest Stephen Critchlow
Director Julian Holmes
Producer Patrick Schweitzer
Writer Tony Saint
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