Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth

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Life Stream

Series 1 - Episode 1 Life Stream



A salty series on the wildlife and weather of the Atlantic begins by looking at the Gulf Stream. Television to explain and explore an ocean current? It doesn't sound dramatic but one scene alone justifies the angle - an incredible sequence of a fishing trawler bobbing like a bath toy on mountainous north Atlantic seas. [We're on board with the crew as well as watching from afar, taking in the biblical visuals as we learn from the commentary about how the same winds that drive the warm Gulf current creates towering swells.] “It only takes one bad lump of sea and you’re gone,” says skipper Davy.

Elsewhere, it’s more of a traditional – but enjoyable – wildlife show: a humpback whale with her calf; leatherback turtles eating giant jellyfish; marooned wild horses on islands off the US coast; and off the coast of Norway, a billion herring.


Cillian Murphy narrates a documentary examining the lives of animals and people pitting themselves against the world's wildest ocean, unveiling the natural forces that underpin life in the Atlantic, from the world's most powerful currents, ferocious hurricanes and huge chains of undersea volcanoes. The first episode looks at the influence of the Gulf Stream, with whales, giant turtles and jellyfish riding the huge current that becomes a migration super-highway and helps warm northern Europe, while fishermen battle for survival in mountainous seas as they try to exploit its natural fertility.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Cillian Murphy
Director Andrew Murray
Director Dan Rees
Executive Producer Tim Martin
Executive Producer Tim Scoones
Producer Andrew Murray
Producer Dan Rees
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