Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild

Kimberley Region, Australia

Series 4 - Episode 6 Kimberley Region, Australia



Ben heads to Australia to meet 61-year-old Barbara Walker, a widow who has lived alone in an isolated Bush camp for eight years. He discovers how this former photographer from Switzerland came to settle in one of the world's most challenging environments, fighting to keep her husband's legacy alive by caring for the native flora and fauna. Ben joins her as she tries to control the spread of an invasive species of cane-toad that is destroying other wildlife, as well as managing 63 wild horses and hand-rearing rescued animals.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Director Natalie Wilkinson
Director Sean McDonnell
Director Cecilia Hue
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Producer Natalie Wilkinson
Producer Sean McDonnell
Producer Cecilia Hue
Series Producer Natalie Wilkinson
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