Animal Super Parents

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Going It Alone

Series 1 - Episode 1 Going It Alone



Cute polar-bear cubs frolicking in the snow are guaranteed to grab our attention, so this gets off to a great start. The ah-factor is high throughout: a big-eyed baby seal being persuaded by its mum to dive into an air hole in the ice; a young elephant with Bambi-legs on a slippery mudflat; and hundreds of newly hatched turtles eagerly dashing over the sand towards the sea.

It’s impressive seeing how far single parents will go to protect and nurture their young. The way koalas get their cubs accustomed to digesting toxic eucalyptus leaves (basically they feed them their own faeces) and the sacrifice “yummy mummy” weaver spiders make (they let her spiderlings eat her alive) is extraordinary but, definitely not cute. The background music is irritatingly unsubtle, by the way.


A look at the fascinating behaviours exhibited by some of the natural world's most dedicated parents, beginning with a look at those animals that are tasked with raising their offspring alone. Examples include the slow loris covering her baby in toxic saliva, the Weddell seal putting her pup through winter boot camp, a weedy sea dragon camouflaging his eggs against his body and the giant Pacific octopus sacrificing herself for her brood. Narrated by Hugh Dennis.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Hugh Dennis
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Series Producer Christina Nutter
Education Nature