Horrible Histories: Horrid Henry VIII Special

Horrible Histories: Horrid Henry VIII Special

Series 6



Rowan Atkinson stars in an episode focusing on the life of the English monarch, including his struggles with his boring dad Henry VII, before becoming king himself, and going through wives like most people go through toothbrushes. Plus, stories about Ottoman leader Suleiman the Magnificent in Turkey and Emperor Zhengde in China.

Cast & Crew

Henry VIII Rowan Atkinson
Actor Simon Farnaby
Actor Jalaal Hartley
Actor Jim Howick
Actor Naz Osmanoglu
Actor Jessica Ransom
Actor Adam Riches
Actor Tom Stourton
Director Ian Curtis
Director Simon Gibney
Executive Producer Bill Hobbins
Executive Producer Melissa Hardinge
Executive Producer Richard Bradley
Series Producer Tom Miller
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