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"Oh – what's the bloody point?" Kenneth Williams was, as they say, "good value" on chat shows. Wogan could engage automatic pilot as Williams whipped the audience into hysterics, riffing through anecdotes and voices. As this clip show proves, he was a ludicrously witty man – a smutty, funny C3PO. So of all his notable quotables, why is it the defeated final line of his diary that is now inescapable? Oh infamy, infamy…

Because the truth is, Williams doesn’t fit the "tears of the clown" stereotype. He didn’t suffer in silence: he told interviewers and the nation about his depression, narcissism and various complexes. His skill – whether on Round the Horne, Carry On, or on the sofa – is that he always said the unsayable. It’s just that he made you laugh while doing it.


Dawn French narrates this series finding out more about some of the nation's favourite performers, beginning with Kenneth Williams. In interviews with the most celebrated interrogators such as David Frost, Michael Parkinson, Terry Wogan and Russell Harty, the raconteur talks openly about his frustrations, phobias and darkest moments.

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Narrator Dawn French