24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 9 - Episode 5

Fri 17 Apr 10:20pm - 11:20pm More4
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Consultant Will believes rather sweetly in the power of love to cure all ills: “Someone being there, giving them love, will make them feel better,” he says of his patients. And for the poor souls who find themselves at St George’s in south London, a hand to hold can make all the difference.

Of course, Beverley will need more than a cuddle to fix her broken leg, which has put paid to her plans to dance away her 50th birthday. But if love could heal, she’d be sorted in no time: she has a constant stream of relatives by her bedside.

But bachelor Gerald comes in to A&E alone, after falling from his loft. So Will does his best to lift his spirits while stitching up a nasty cut. When Gerald says his job at Windsor Polo Club has led to him meeting the Queen, Will quips: “First name terms?”


The documentary detailing the daily work of staff at St George's Hospital in south-west London continues, this time highlighting the stories of patients who received support from loved ones when life became tough. Gerald, a 66-year-old trained lifeguard and polo club official is rushed into A&E, having sustained a serious head wound after a 10-foot fall. The friends and family of 55-year-old Beverly gather at the hospital when she is admitted with a broken leg after being hit by a car near her home, and Paul, a 39-year-old father-of-three, arrives in resus with a nasty cut to his right arm. Paul complains that he is unable to move his fingers, leading staff to believe be may have significant tendon or nerve damage that could leave him permanently unable to use his hand.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Hamo Forsyth
Series Director John Douglas
Series Director Dominique Foster
Series Producer John Douglas
Series Producer Dominique Foster