Horrible Histories: Naughty Napoleon Special

Horrible Histories: Naughty Napoleon Special

Series 6



This special episode focuses on a famous Frenchman – a leader (not Thierry Henry), a man who influenced history (not Charles De Gaulle), we’re talking Napoleon. The show follows him from humble beginnings to his Waterloo.


An episode focusing on the life and career of French military leader and ruler Napoleon Bonaparte, following his rise from humble beginnings to being crowned emperor of France. Plus, the programme meets the Indian traveller who brought shampoo to the world. Guest starring Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Cast & Crew

Napoleon Jim Howick
Simon Farnaby
Jalaal Hartley
Naz Osmanoglu
Jessica Ransom
Adam Riches
Tom Stourton
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Director Ian Curtis
Director Simon Gibney
Executive Producer Bill Hobbins
Executive Producer Richard Bradley
Executive Producer Melissa Hardinge
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