Sean Bean on Waterloo

Sean Bean on Waterloo

Series 1 - Episode 1



As Ned Stark in Game of Thrones and the eponymous rifleman of the Sharpe adventures, Sean Bean is no stranger to the battlefield. But that’s just fantasy next to his findings in this lively and sobering two-part history. Visiting the quaggy Belgian fields of the 1815 battle, he discovers the horrific conditions experienced by the soldiers, the shocking effect of musket balls and the factors that swayed the outcome.

Journal entries and expert input bring alive the hour-by-hour events at Ligny and Hougoumont, while one act of mercy shown towards a French drummer boy shines out from the insanity. Tomorrow’s conclusion explores the impact of Wellington’s cavalry.


Part one of two. The actor tells the story of Napoleon's final defeat, firing original Waterloo weapons and meeting the descendants of those who fought in the decisive battle.

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Presenter Sean Bean