24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 9 - Episode 3



“I’d be a liar if I said I’d never been accused of being a drama queen,” says actor Dudley, who has a dislocated shoulder. So you can imagine his reaction when he’s told that he may need an operation and could miss his curtain call that night.

The show must also go on for a cyclist, who, after ploughing into a car’s rear window, is straight back on his bike. And 88-year-old Isabel doesn’t let her visit to A&E get in the way of teatime, tackling a jam sandwich as she waits for test results. “Don’t get old,” she advises us, “it’s not worth it.”

But for Clarence, married to his wife Barbara for 58 years, time has stood still. They were both brought in after being knocked down by a motorbike, and as they lie in neighbouring beds holding hands, he tells anyone who’ll listen, “To me, she’s just the same as when I married her.”


A 68-year-old professional actor visits St George's Hospital after injuring his shoulder while rushing to catch a train, and a check-up indicates he may need corrective surgery to set things right, but further assessment suggests he might be living with a much more serious condition. An octogenarian couple are rushed in to A&E after being knocked over by a motorcyclist while crossing the road, and the police maintain an active presence as paramedics bring in a man who has collapsed after a suspected drug overdose. Plus, an 88-year-old woman with a swollen leg discusses her ill-fated marriage to a much younger man nearly four decades ago.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Hamo Forsyth
Series Director John Douglas
Series Director Dominique Foster
Series Producer John Douglas
Series Producer Dominique Foster