Horrible Histories: Mardy Mary Queen of Scots Special

Horrible Histories: Mardy Mary Queen of Scots Special

Series 6



A cracking tale about Mary, Queen of Scots (Jessica Ransom), the would-be ruler terrifying Tudor England with her romantic and political schemes — with some ace spoofs of Brian Cox and Bake Off and an epic closing song.


A special episode about the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, following her as she stumbles from young girl in Scotland to queen in France, back to queen in Scotland, and finally to Elizabeth I's arch enemy. Plus, the programme meets silver-nosed Danish scientist Tycho Brahe, and Mr H gives his unique take on the epic Battle of Lepanto in another edition of History's Craziest Fools.

Cast & Crew

Mary, Queen of Scots Jessica Ransom
Actor Simon Farnaby
Actor Jalaal Hartley
Actor Jim Howick
Actor Naz Osmanoglu
Actor Adam Riches
Actor Tom Stourton
Director Ian Curtis
Director Simon Gibney
Executive Producer Bill Hobbins
Executive Producer Richard Bradley
Executive Producer Melissa Hardinge
Series Producer Tom Miller
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