24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 9 - Episode 6

Friday 11:05pm - 12:05am More4


You wouldn’t want this, the king of hospital obs-docs, to be so uneventful every week. There’s little peril tonight, and the emotional strains accrete slowly rather than bursting in through the double doors. But that’s fine, we’re in safe hands. Tony, a 70-year-old DJ, has come off his bike at 30mph while training for a charity cycle ride. Time for his daughter to see this force of nature, or perhaps a force who defies nature, as a vulnerable old man for the first time.

An air steward who discharges himself and removes the cast from his broken arm is a minor fable about following doctor’s orders. The most distressing case is Erin, whose ear infection has come on top of cancer, heart failure and strokes. She’s obviously in pain. What only becomes obvious is the pain for her daughter of watching her suffer for so long.


The emergency room documentary continues, highlighting the stories of people facing adversity head-on. Erin, a 61-year-old former cancer patient with an ear infection, is rushed to St George's Hospital after she collapsed at home. Doctors fear the condition may have spread to her brain, and send her for a CT scan to find out more. Tony, a 70-year-old part-time DJ, arrives in A&E after being involved in a high-speed bicycle accident while training for a 100-mile charity bike ride, and Charlie, a 39-year-old cabin crew worker, turns up at the hospital complaining of unbearable pain after discharging himself during a previous visit, and removing the cast fitted to support his broken arm.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Hamo Forsyth
Series Director John Douglas
Series Director Dominique Foster
Series Producer John Douglas
Series Producer Dominique Foster