The Hubbert Peak

Series 6 - Episode 5 The Hubbert Peak



Josh gets into a sticky situation on a test drive. Toby gets a helping hand in the art of handling the Press, Margaret unveils her grand scheme for redecorating Leo's office, and Charlie takes Zoey out to dinner. Starring Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff and Dule Hill.

Cast & Crew

President Josiah `Jed' Bartlet Martin Sheen
Leo McGarry John Spencer
Toby Ziegler Richard Schiff
Claudia Jean `CJ' Cregg Allison Janney
Donna Moss Janel Moloney
Kate Harper Mary McCormack
Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford
Charlie Young Dule Hill
Annabeth Schott Kristin Chenoweth
Bob Russell Gary Cole
Zoey Bartlet Elisabeth Moss
Margaret Nicole Robinson
Will Bailey Joshua Malina
Abbey Bartlet Stockard Channing
Director Julie Hebert
Writer Peter Noah
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