Churchill's Toyshop

Churchill's Toyshop


After last week’s VE Day commemorations, here’s a rousing story of wartime pluck and ingenuity. In 1939, as Britain struggled to keep up with German armament, an unconventional weapons lab was born in a small workshop in Bedford, staffed by eccentric inventors who used salad bowls, aniseed balls and condoms to make limpet mines.

Naturally Churchill loved the loose-cannon boffins and protected them from officious bureaucrats until the war ended, when the secret unit was written out of the history books. Its story is told with suitably amateurish reconstructions packed with explosions, jubilant fists pumping the air and knitted tank tops. It’s Wallace & Gromit with bombs — cracking stuff.


Documentary examining how Winston Churchill brought together a group of scientists and engineers to come up with ingenious secret weapons during the Second World War.