Out of the Sky

Series 7 - Episode 5 Out of the Sky



Armed robbers break into the apartment of lawyer Roland Carson and make off in a helicopter with jewels worth more than $5million. The detectives investigate and, as people who have come into contact with the gems start to turn up dead, they suspect Carson could have staged the whole affair and killed his accomplices to cover his tracks. Drama, starring Gary Sinise and Carmine Giovinazzo.

Cast & Crew

Det Mac Taylor Gary Sinise
Jo Danville Sela Ward
Det Danny Messer Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Lindsay Monroe Anna Belknap
Adam Ross AJ Buckley
Dr Sheldon Hawkes Hill Harper
Det Don Flack Eddie Cahill
Dr Sid Hammerback Robert Joy
Heath Kirkfield Justin Baldoni
Roland Carson Gregory Harrison
James Belson Coby Ryan McLaughlin
Arnold Vonley Mike Foy
Director Nathan Hope
Executive Producer Ann Donahue
Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn
Executive Producer Anthony E Zuiker
Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
Executive Producer Jonathan Littman
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