Lindsey and Keith

Series 9 - Episode 1 Lindsey and Keith



They look so easy when the woman in the fencing mask does them. But we know how taxing the tasks in Phillip Schofield’s torture chamber can be. As the precision-tooled game show returns for a ninth series, it’s no-nonsense radiographer Lyndsey entering the perspex pod to see if she can hack it.

And very soon, FORMATION – the scampering back-and-forth game – looks like it has her foxed. Perhaps the host shouting “Quick, quick, quick!” at her might help? Later, we have Keith, the oldest competitor the show has had. Though Schofield makes it quite clear that, as far as he’s concerned, age is completely irrelevant to everything.


The game show returns in a midweek slot, with a host of fresh games designed to test contestants' skill, nerve and determination. First up is Derry-Londonderry radiographer Lindsey, who believes that working in the trauma department of Southampton Hospital will help her stay calm under pressure. She is followed by retired Yorkshireman Keith, who at 70 is the oldest person to have appeared on the show. Will his extra years give him an advantage in defeating the Cube? Phillip Schofield hosts.

Cast & Crew

Host Phillip Schofield
Executive Producer Nathan Eastwood
Executive Producer Adam Adler
Producer Jason Hopkins