Hallmark Moment

Series 19 - Episode 76 Hallmark Moment



Eva Sharpe attempts to arrest one of the white youths suspected of setting a black man on fire - but in the ensuing struggle, her charge falls unconscious. Things aren't much better for Gary Best, who begins to wonder whether he has the potential to be as violent as his hated father. Meanwhile, Juliet Becker suspects something is going on between Debbie McAllister and Phil Hunter.

Cast & Crew

DC Eva Sharpe Diane Parish
DC Ken Drummond Russell Floyd
Brad Kelso Austin Drage
DS Debbie McAllister Natalie Roles
DS Phil Hunter Scott Maslen
PC Gary Best Ciaran Griffiths
PC Honey Harman Kim Tiddy
Brian Kelso William Ely
PC Polly Page Lisa Geoghan
Eileen Malleson Jo McInnes
Sgt Sheelagh Murphy Bernie Nolan
PC Cathy Bradford Connie Hyde
DC Juliet Becker Rae Baker
Sgt June Ackland Trudie Goodwin
Sgt Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
Cora Wells Jean Warren
Lee Price Dean Cook
Connor Price Robert Boulter
Gordon Peploe Barry Jackson
CAD Officer Dean McVerry Luke Hamill
Terry Beddings Peter Pedrero
Writer Damian Wayling
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