World's Angriest: Caught on Camera


Series 1 - Episode 1 Neighbours



Footage of extraordinary outbursts filmed by members of the public, investigating viral clips to find out what happened from those who witnessed the incidents. The first edition focuses on disputes between neighbours, including a couple bullied by a local thug on a council estate until they decided to mete out some rough justice - ninja style. Other incidents include a fracas over a stolen snow shovel, a fight over some rubbish and a salutary warning about the possible consequences of urinating in a public place.

Cast & Crew

Director Dan Exelby
Director Faye Gilbert
Director James Gurden
Director Lucy Johnstone
Director Rob Lambie
Executive Producer Kathryn Lennox
Producer Dan Exelby
Producer Faye Gilbert
Producer James Gurden
Producer Lucy Johnstone
Producer Rob Lambie
Series Editor Ben Rigden
Series Producer Patrick Keely
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