Safe House

Series 1 - Episode 4



Lake Windermere would fit comfortably into at least one of Safe House’s many plot holes as this creaky thriller winces to a close.

By now you’re way ahead of tormented ex-cop Robert (Christopher Eccleston) and you’ll have worked out what happened on that rainy night years ago when the woman Robert was supposed to protect died.

We all know who’s responsible and we are helped because the Guilty One has suddenly become wide-eyed and twitchy, while also bursting into tears at inopportune moments.

Meanwhile, at that Lake District (Un)Safe House the hunted family behaves stupidly as a killer closes in. It’s hard to care about any of them, apart from young Joe (a smashing performance by Max True).


Joe and Sam head off across the lake and find themselves caught up in a terrifying ordeal. Robert works with Mark to resolve the situation, but there are devastating consequences in store for both him and the family. He begins to think that his friend and former boss, Mark, isn't to be trusted after all. Drama, starring Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph.

Cast & Crew

Robert Christopher Eccleston
Katy Marsha Thomason
Mark Paterson Joseph
David Jason Merrells
Ali Nicola Stephenson
Sam James Burrows
Louisa Harriet Cains
Michael Peter Ferdinando
Becky Christine Tremarco
Joe Max True
Susan Reynolds Kelly Harrison
Eddie Reynolds David Schofield
Director Marc Evans
Executive Producer Jill Green
Executive Producer Paula Cuddy
Producer Andrew Benson
Writer Michael Crompton
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