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Series 2 - Episode 11 Kin



If there has been a message running through this series, like the Grecian equivalent of Blackpool rock, it is that heroism can come in unlikely packages. Not just in buff, tousled warriors, but beating in the breast of scrawny mathematicians and leprous hermits. So after the huge-hearted exploits of Pythagoras, it’s the turn of raggedy man Aeson (John Hannah) to try saving Jason from Pasiphae’s poisonous grasp.

Atlantis has been a tough watch in the past few weeks, and with Jason now consigned to the gladiatorial arena, the slash-and-bash is still to the fore. But, rather like Indiana Jones in The Temple of Doom, our protagonist needs rescuing from the dark side. And there is reward and resolution tonight – just make sure you have a hanky to hand.

Kin, written by Merlin co-creator Julian Jones, is a powerfully moral tale, underlining the valuable things in life more powerfully than a sword or a fist ever could.


The battle between Aeson and Pasiphae for Jason's soul reaches a devastating climax as the warrior is caught by the ruthless queen's soldiers. Jason's friends know they must do all they can to save him before he is lost for ever, and Aeson undertakes a brave and deadly mission into Atlantis to rescue his son. However, he is just one man, and with traitors on all sides plotting to stop him, his chances of success seem slim. Jack Donnelly, Sarah Parish and John Hannah star in the fantasy adventure.

Cast & Crew

Jason Jack Donnelly
Pasiphae Sarah Parish
Hercules Mark Addy
Aeson John Hannah
Pythagoras Robert Emms
Ariadne Aiysha Hart
Medea Amy Manson
Icarus Joseph Timms
Cilix Lorcan Cranitch
Diocles Henry Garrett
Melas Ken Bones
Cassandra Anya Taylor-Joy
Goran Peter De Jersey
Xanthos Vincent Haquin
Cells guard Jason Cheater
Soldier 1 Paul Jacobs
Soldier 2 Jason Baughan
Director Justin Molotnikov
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Producer Gareth Williams
Writer Julian Jones
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