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Series 1 - Episode 1



Sleek and powerful. Hard for most of us to relate to. Lethal when they need to be… But if the politicians don’t keep your interest on election night, try this series on sharks, a gloriously “Whoa!”-inducing survey of the ocean’s least-loved predators.

I particularly recommend goblin sharks. In a programme – the first of a three-parter – that patrols the further edges of shark-related weirdness, they are the spookiest. When they attack their prey, their great jaws extend out of their head on flaps of skin, like a shabbier version of the monster in Alien.

It’s disturbing and ugly, but there’s plenty here that is disturbing and beautiful, too, such as the superfast mako shark that can swim at 46mph or the Greenland shark, which can live, we’re told, for 200 years (how do they know?). And if you’ve never seen a tasselled wobbegong in action, it’s as striking as its name.


Wildlife documentary venturing below the waves to examine the ocean predators' behaviour. The first film reveals their many different hunting methods, from blacktip sharks gathering in huge packs and herding fish into baitballs, to tasselled wobbegongs, which ambush their prey. Other highlights include Greenland sharks, which live under the arctic ice, whitetip reef sharks - arguably the masters of night-time hunting - and the great white, shown stalking fur seals off the coast of South Africa.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Paul McGann
Executive Producer Mike Gunton
Series Producer Steve Greenwood