The Stranger on the Bridge

The Stranger on the Bridge


On 14 January 2008 Jonny Benjamin, tormented by schizophrenia and the voice of what he thought was the Devil in his head, decided to kill himself by jumping from Waterloo Bridge in London. But a stranger stepped out of the crowd and talked him out of it.

In this remarkable, joyous, painful and ultimately life-affirming film, we follow Jonny six years later as he decides to find the man he believes was called Mike, who saved his life. The campaign became a worldwide sensation and prompted a huge outpouring from people bereaved by suicide and others suffering crippling mental illness.

Jonny’s memories of that morning are sketchy and the search is by no means straightforward. But its outcome will touch your heart.


On January 14, 2008, Jonny Benjamin went to Waterloo Bridge with the intention of taking his own life, but a stranger stopped and managed to talk him down. Jonny was subsequently taken to hospital by the police, and never had the chance to thank the Good Samaritan he named Mike. Six years later, he launched the `Finding Mike' social-media campaign to track the man down, and it went viral around the world, far exceeding his expectations. In this documentary, Jonny is finally reunited with the real `Mike' in an emotional meeting.

Cast & Crew

Director Sam Forsdike
Executive Producer Richard Bentley