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The Dying of the Light

Series 2 - Episode 10 The Dying of the Light



By gum, Atlantis has gone moody – like Zeus with a headache. The knowledge that Pasiphae is his mother has blackened Jason’s heart – we get that – but some will judge that early on in this episode, Atlantis crosses a line. Think Anakin Skywalker versus Count Dooku. It’s a brave decision by the writers but let’s just say your sympathy for the hero will be severely challenged. As loyal Pythagoras says, “I fear for him; I fear for all of us.” However, the timid mathematician is not about to give up on his friend, and breaks back into the city in search of a solution...

It’s a sombre outing, but great to have Robert Lindsay’s twinkly Daedalus back – plus another old ally – and next week that character changes everything.


Jason's discovery has blackened his heart, leaving him a shadow of the man he used to be. Reckless and foolhardy, he no longer seems to care about anything or anyone - even Ariadne. Pythagoras is desperate to save his friend, so he sets out in search of help, but soon discovers not everyone is as keen to protect Jason as he is. Jack Donnelly, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart and Mark Addy star in the fantasy adventure.

Cast & Crew

Hercules Mark Addy
Pasiphae Sarah Parish
Aeson John Hannah
Daedalus Robert Lindsay
Jason Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras Robert Emms
Ariadne Aiysha Hart
Medea Amy Manson
Icarus Joseph Timms
Cassandra Anya Taylor-Joy
Melas Ken Bones
Goran Peter De Jersey
Galenos Stephen McCole
Keos Sam Swann
Curfew soldier Ross Waiton
Director Justin Molotnikov
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Producer Gareth Williams
Writer Lucy Watkins
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