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Seance Time

Series 2 - Episode 6 Seance Time



For many, there’s only a very fine line between comedy and horror; the two combined are an irresistible cocktail. Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are masters in this field. For the final episode of this excellent anthology, they ensure we’re snorting one minute and shuddering the next.

I shan’t say too much about Séance Time, except that it happens inside a spooky house, where the gullible Tina (Sophie McShera, Downton Abbey’s Daisy) is greeted by Shearsmith’s character Hives (surely a nod to Laurel and Hardy). Before long, Tina is introduced to a black-veiled, hoarse and hilariously theatrical medium (Alison Steadman). The lights are dimmed and that’s when the fun starts…


Tina has never consulted the spirit world before and isn't quite sure what to expect on her visit to psychic Madam Talbot, which was arranged by her sister. The medium's assistant Hives seems quite helpful, but there's something already waiting for Tina on the `other side', and he knows all about it. Darkly comic tale written by and starring Steve Pembroke and Reece Shearsmith, with Alison Steadman and Sophie McShera.

Cast & Crew

Hives Reece Shearsmith
Tina Sophie McShera
Madam Talbot Alison Steadman
Blue demon dwarf Dan Starkey
Gemma Cariad Lloyd
Amanda Alice Lowe
Pete Steve Pemberton
William Caden-Ellis Wall
Director Dan Zeff
Producer Adam Tandy
Writer Steve Pemberton
Writer Reece Shearsmith
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