Time and a Place - Part Two

Series 20 - Episode 29 Time and a Place - Part Two



Part two of two. Sun Hill is shaken by the bomb explosion, although the team breathe a sigh of relief when Kerry is found alive among the rubble. Not so lucky is the bank manager, who has been killed in the blast - and as Sam begins her investigation, the finger of suspicion points squarely at Smithy, who had not only been in charge of the crime scene, but is also suspected of date rape. All hope now rests on CCTV evidence to prove that Kerry had not been negligent in her assigned duties, but Gabriel has stolen the tape. What could he be up to now?

Cast & Crew

PC Kerry Young Beth Cordingly
Sgt Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw
PC Cameron Tait Daniel MacPherson
DS Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell
PC Gabriel Kent Todd Carty
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor
Supt Adam Okaro Cyril Nri
DC Jim Carver Mark Wingett
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
PC Andrea Dunbar Natalie J Robb
PC Yvonne Hemmingway Michele Austin
PC Gary Best Ciaran Griffiths
CAD Officer Dean McVerry Luke Hamill
Trevor Willets Jonathan Moore
Julie Willets Louise Jameson
Bruce Malcolm Alasdair Harvey
Barrett Jeffrey Harmer
Director Sylvie Boden
Producer Susan Mather
Writer David Maxwell Young
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