Series 12 - Episode 19 Patience

Sat 8 Feb 6pm - 7pm CBS Justice


Now this is the kind of NCIS episode I like: where McGee and DiNozzo bicker like an old married couple, Gibbs glares or gets snarky with a suspect, and the action takes us overseas.

A prostitute and her “client” – a naval petty officer – are ruthlessly gunned down, but it soon becomes clear that there’s a much bigger case to solve, one that goes back almost 40 years involving a bomb attack on an American airport. This cold case has suddenly become red hot, which is why McGee and Abby are on a Pacific aircraft carrier, while the Marines are going all Zero Dark Thirty in a Colombian drug lord’s house. It also means DiNozzo and Bishop have to get much, much closer than they’d like, which is fun.


A prostitute and what seems to be one of her clients are gunned down in a drive-by shooting, and when it emerges that the would-be John was actually a Navy officer, Gibbs and DiNozzo realise the killings are connected Lex Tarlionas, an incomplete operation to bring justice to those responsible for an attack on a US airport in 1979, which left 100 people dead. The main suspect is a former Colombian drugs kingpin known as Tomas Orlando, and the murdered sex worker was about to hand over crucial DNA evidence that could have connected him to the crime, but now that she is dead, Gibbs and the others must find another way to finally bring Orlando in. American drama, starring Mark Harmon and David McCallum.

Cast & Crew

Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly
Abby Sciuto Pauley Perrette
Timothy McGee Sean Murray
Dr Donald `Ducky' Mallard David McCallum
Ellie Bishop Emily Wickersham
Jimmy Palmer Brian Dietzen
Ambassador Olivia Edmunds Lisa Banes
Vice Admiral Dawn Tyson Kathe Mazur
Tomas Orlando A Martinez
Director Thomas J Wright
Executive Producer Donald P Bellisario
Executive Producer Chas Floyd Johnson
Executive Producer Mark Horowitz
Executive Producer Gary Glasberg
Executive Producer Mark Harmon
Executive Producer Frank Cardea
Executive Producer George Schenck
Executive Producer Steven D Binder
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