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Series 29 - Episode 30 Exile



Casualty rarely packs its passport, checks the contents of its toilet bag, and heads for the airport. But tonight for only the second time in its history (there was a 2006 two-parter set in Cambodia), it leaves Holby for “Abroad”.

We’re in Bucharest with Charlie and Connie, who last time we saw them looked anxious as Charlie received a distressing call about his ne’er-do-well son Louis.

It turns out that Louis is in big trouble, lying in a hospital bed in the Romanian capital after being given a thorough beating. As ever Charlie takes bad news with his usual equanimity, and looks mildly impatient, as if he’s been waiting at a bus stop for too long.

But taking long-established, synonymous characters a long way from their home is a worthwhile exercise. Even Connie (Amanda Mealing) doesn’t seem quite so dreadful – she even appears (whisper it) to be a little bit vulnerable, particularly after she and Charlie have a showdown on a snowy pavement. As both of them plunge into Bucharest’s dangerous homeless underworld they face peril from bad people.


Charlie goes to Bucharest to track down his missing son Louis, taking Connie with him. They discover that Louis is addicted to heroin, and owes money to some shady characters. Charlie tries to stop his son from selling his kidney on the black market to pay his debts, while Connie offers moral support to Louis' girlfriend and finds comfort with a local doctor - only to realise he may not be trustworthy.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Louis Fairhead Gregory Foreman
Alex Anghelescu Florian Ghimpu
Sofia Constantin Crina Semciuc
Razvan Ionesco Mihai Gruia Sandu
Christian Vaduva George Pistereanu
Police officer Gabi Spahiu
Nurse Andreea Vasile
Flatmate Elisa Calin
Boy in tunnel Tudor Rosu
Girl in tunnel Sofia Parea Dominique
Director Jonathan Kells Phillips
Producer Steve Hughes
Writer Kelly Jones
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Drama Soap