Tempus Fugit

Series 2 - Episode 18 Tempus Fugit



Abbie finds herself stuck in the past, and as the American War of Independence rages, encounters a younger Ichabod, who she convinces that she is from the future and that they will meet up again in 200 years. Meanwhile, the Headless Horseman wreaks havoc across the battlefields, utilising the magic supplied by the witch Katrina. The other person who knows what is going on is Benjamin Franklin, who is delighted at the prospect of his ideas leaving their mark on future generations. The Horseman, however, knows that he cannot let Franklin live. Supernatural mystery, starring Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie.

Cast & Crew

Ichabod Crane Tom Mison
Abbie Mills Nicole Beharie
Capt Frank Irving Orlando Jones
Katrina Crane Katia Winter
Jenny Mills Lyndie Greenwood
Henry Parrish John Noble
Grace Dixon Onira Tares
Benjamin Franklin Timothy Busfield
Col Sutton Mark Menchaca
Headless Horseman Jeremy Owens/Craig Branham
Director Paul Edwards
Executive Producer Heather Kadin
Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman
Executive Producer Len Wiseman
Executive Producer Roberto Orci
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