World War Two: 1945 and the Wheelchair President

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World War Two: 1945 and the Wheelchair President


Historian and academic David Reynolds is a terrific television presenter. Precise, un-patronising, direct, erudite and with a sense of the theatrical, he doesn’t demand attention – that would be rude – he coaxes it.

His portrait of Franklin D Roosevelt is well-drawn and absorbing. Reynolds follows FDR’s life and early government career, through his ascent to the highest office. Exceptionally intelligent, handsome and charismatic he might have been, but he had flaws – including an eye for the ladies that almost destroyed his marriage to his wife Eleanor .

When FDR was left paralysed by polio he made Herculean efforts to hide his disability from the American public.


David Reynolds examines the wartime leadership of US president Franklin Roosevelt, who was burdened by secrets about his failing health and strained marriage.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Reynolds
Director Russell Barnes
Editor Julian Hart
Producer Russell Barnes