Carry On Forever

Carry On Forever

Series 1 - Episode 2



If you have a favourite Carry On, the chances are it features in this edition. Episode one covered the film series's faltering early steps, up to Carry On Jack. Now we're wading into the golden period, the mid- to late 60s, with genre spoofs Carry On Spying, Cleo, Cowboy and Screaming.

Barbara Windsor is starkly absent from this affectionate celebration, but her co-stars Jim Dale, Amanda Barrie and Julian Holloway reminisce with joy. The extraordinary Fenella Fielding returns to a former haunt used in Screaming, Anita Harris revisits Follow That Camel's Saharan location (Camber Sands), while Angela Douglas is taken Up the Khyber (Snowdon). There's also a lovely tribute to Hattie Jacques and rare behind-the-scenes footage of Sid James and Kenneth Williams at work.


A look at the golden age of the comedy franchise in the mid to late 1960s, with Jim Dale talking about his role in films such as Carry On Spying and Amanda Barrie revealing what life was like on the set of Carry On Cleo. Fenella Fielding goes back to the location used for the spine-tingling Carry On Screaming, Anita Harris recalls life on set with American TV superstar Phil Silvers in Follow That Camel and Angela Douglas returns to Snowdonia, where Carry On Up the Khyber was filmed. Martin Clunes narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Martin Clunes
Contributor Jim Dale
Contributor Amanda Barrie
Contributor Fenella Fielding
Contributor Anita Harris
Contributor Angela Douglas
Director Ali Lynch
Executive Producer Mark Robinson
Producer Ali Lynch
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